Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack [Unlimited Dragon Stones and Zeni]


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack is finally released! It was a little bit complicated to create a working hack for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, but our team did it! We decided to publish it on our site and from now on you can use it for free! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack will enable you to generate and add unlimited items and resources to your Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle account. You will enjoy using our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheat and you will surely love all of its features. Another great thing is that we are planning to release even more cool features in the upcoming days, so you will be able to use them too. There is no need to worry that your account might be banned because this time we implemented ultra strong Anti-ban shield which uses the most advanced algorithm which will keep your game account safe all the time! So, what are you waiting for? Start using Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack right away!



Game info:

This puzzle/adventure game from Bandai Namco is far from innovative but attaching average game play to a beloved franchise is a sure way to climb the charts. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, you play as an unnamed fighter working to avert the disaster of an “expanding dimensional distortion.” Trunks and King Kai direct you on your quest, forwarding the plot and offering battle advice. The story gets a bit convoluted from there, especially when trying to explain why the Z-Fighters are battling each other.

The battle style is a combination of a board game and a slight variation on color-matching games. Randomized rolls will propel the player’s team, assembled by “unlocking” fighter with in-game items or in-app purchases, across the board. This is where the player will encounter other fighters, collectable items, traps, and boss battles.

The game will provide long-time DBZ fans with tepid amusement and loads of fun nostalgic moments. It’s a very average game that hides it’s lack of innovative content behind colorful characters from a much-beloved manga and TV series. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is worth a try for fans of the franchise but is powered by fond childhood memories more so than solid content.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack info:



  • Unlimited Dragon Stones (You can get add as many Dragon Stones as you wish)
  • Unlimited Zeni (Zeni generator works great)
  • Unlimited Stamina (Get unlimited Stamina with one click of a mouse)
  • Unlimited Health (Easily refill your Health)
  • Unlimited Dokkan (Add unlimited Dokkan to your game account)
  • No Jailbreak Required
  • No Rooting Required
  • Proxy Scraper (It will keep your game account safe all the time)
  • Free Daily Updates



Here are step by step instructions for using Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack:

  1. In the first step you need to click “Online Hack”. You will have Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack opened in a matter of seconds
  2. After that just input your username and click Connect
  3. Now you’ll need to enter amount of Dragon Stones and Zeni that you would like to generate, and also choose which of the trainer options you would like to use
  4. Press “Generate” button
  5. If you still don’t have your own unique activation key, then you must download it now. Activation key will keep our hack undetected so no one will know that you were cheating in the game. If you already have activation key, then feel free to input it and proceed to the next step.
  6. When you get notification that items have been added to your account, you can open your game!
  7. Have fun!



P.S. If you want to make sure that Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack Tool will work great, you should share this page on Google+ and Facebook! Don’t skip this step!

302 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack [Unlimited Dragon Stones and Zeni]

  1. MrUnusual says:

    Thank you! This is the first hack that actually worked!!!! I LOVE YOU!

  2. altohamy says:

    Everything works well as explained

  3. altohamy says:

    I got my activation key and it all worked great for the first time. My question is am I allowed to use the hack again with the same key to generate even more dragon stones to my account?

    • admin says:

      Hello! Yes, you are allowed to use the same activation key as many times as you want. Once you have your key, you can generate unlimited Dragon Stones, Zeni, Stamina, Health and Dokkan to your account! Enjoy and thank you for using our Draggon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack!

      • gilbert says:

        I had to complete a survey to get activation key, but after i input activation key, this hack really worked. All of the items i wanted to generated were added to my accouont and i didnt have to pay a single cent for it. Thank you very much!

      • Royce says:

        It worked on my iphone! Thank you so much! You are the best!

      • jeniffer says:

        this is awesome! you are the best!

      • JR says:

        Why do I have to complete an offer to get an activation key?

        • admin says:

          If you want to know why there is a survey, here is the reason: our team started developing hacks as a hobby, and we spend all of our free time to update our hacks and bring you even more features. Hacks are hosted on a server (which isn’t cheap at all), and we need to collect money for server expenses. We get that money from advertisers who created surveys. We could give out those Activation Keys for free, but then we wouldn’t be able to handle all of the monthly expenses, and we would probably have to shut down our site. So, we didn’t ask you to donate any money to use, we didn’t ask you to pay for the hacks, all we want is that you complete a survey as a sign of appreciation for our hard work. We don’t make any money of this, it just helps us to run our site and bring you fresh new content every day.

    • Lincon Persad says:

      Can I use use key please?

  4. Jay Ohkcee says:

    This is the best hack that I have ever used! Thank you! You made my day! 😀

  5. Jxmoney says:

    how to activate hack

    • admin says:

      Get your activation key and input it. Once you do it, all of the generated items will be transfered to your game account. After that, wait a few seconds, open the game on your device, and you will see that generated items have been added to your account! If you have any more questions, feel free to post here and we will do our best to help you! Enjoy!

  6. Anthony says:

    I can only say WOW! You saved a lot of money for me! Now I can finally get all of the items and resources for free! 😀 😀 😀

  7. Fry says:

    Does this work for the english version

  8. Anger says:

    The best thing about your hack is that there is no need to download anything. It works as online generator and I can easily add unlimited items to my account! You are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  9. vaughn says:


  10. vaughn says:

    I cant believe I found hack that actually works!! Now I can get unlimited dragon stones for free! thank you so much!

  11. anthony says:

    I got my own, unique activation key. can i use it multiple times?

  12. Somathan says:

    it works. thanx

  13. Timmy says:

    Can I use someone activation key please

  14. Timmy says:

    Hack won’t even load on my phone

  15. Kurohaise says:

    Umm, how I get my activation key?

  16. Tom says:

    When I click online hack my phone is zoomed in and all it says is energy cheats with green and blue screen

  17. Margaret Porter says:

    yay I just added 5000 dragon stones to my account for free! thank you!! 😉 🙂

  18. Johnny57 says:

    It work. Thanx

  19. Ciara says:

    i completed a stupid survey after a lot of tries to get activation key but i`m pleased that at least the hack works fine. it is worth completing a survey

  20. Helen says:

    This is actually really good

  21. Andrew says:

    I can confirm that this is legit. Thanks for sharing

  22. Jürgen says:

    Where i get my activation Key?

    • admin says:

      It’s really, really simple. When you generate items with out hack, you will be prompted to enter your own, unique Activation Key. If you have it, then you can enter it and press “Activate”. If you don’t have Activation Key, then you will be able to download it.

  23. Shawn says:

    It asked me to fill a survey. When I completed survey, I got my code. I can confirm that this hack works and it’s legit.

  24. ginger says:

    after i completed a survey .rar file was downloaded and there was activation key inside. i pasted in in your generator and it worked!! thank you, this is really cool! none of the hacks that i used before worked, but your hack is amazing!

  25. Samuel says:

    Hurrah! Finally I found a webpage with working dragon ball z dokkan battle hack!!

  26. Betsey says:

    I completed a survey to get activation key and it was worth it! This is the only version that worked for me! Thank you!!

  27. Darius says:

    Amazing hack! I already used it 5 or 6 times and every time it worked great! Thank you!

  28. Richard says:

    I just added 10000 dragon stones! haha this is soo good! thank you!!

  29. Celinda says:

    It worked for me!

  30. Cindy Price says:

    Thank you so much! It really worked for me!

  31. Kenneth says:

    Thank you!

  32. Edwin Young says:

    Activation code really worked after I completed a survey! Thank you! Now I can finally get unlimited Dragon Stones!! 😀 😀

  33. Priscilla says:

    I tested it now and it worked. I had to complete a survey to get activation key. Even though I hate surveys I decided to do it this time and I was surprised to see that it really works. My question is can I use the same activation key more than once?

  34. Harold says:

    Okay so I used your hack and I added 50000 dragon stones. It really worked. Should I be worried about getting banned from the game because I am adding dragon stones for free?

  35. lee says:

    yay finally a way to generate free dragons stones! i was searching for a working hack for the last 3 days and now i am so happy because i have found it! thank you!!!!

  36. Ryan says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!

  37. Darnell says:

    this is the only hack on the internet that really worked for me. i wish i knew about your site before, it would save me a lot of time and money.

  38. Cheryl says:

    Works like a charm! I just followed the instructions given in the post and I didn’t have any problems!

  39. Varisha Putter says:

    It worked every single time for me! This is really useful because i can get unlimited dragon stones for free!

  40. Michael says:

    Which user name am I supposed to use? The one in the game?

  41. Tammy says:

    I wish I knew about your site before. It would save me a lot of money…

  42. Guerrero says:

    How i get my activation key?
    Please help me

    • admin says:

      It’s simple. When you generate items with out hack, you will be prompted to enter your own, unique Activation Key. If you have it, then you can enter it and press “Activate”. If you don’t have Activation Key, then you will be able to download it.

  43. frank says:

    i did the whole thing, completed survey, got my code for activation and everything….so what am I supposed to do now?

    • admin says:

      All you have to do now is copy your Activation Key and use it once your are prompted to enter it. When you input Activation Key, just press “Activate” and wait a couple of seconds. After that, all of the generate items will be transfered to your account. Enjoy!

    • frank says:

      It worked, it really worked!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. johnna says:

    I just got it to work! I am so excited, thank you!!

  45. corina says:

    great work, this is the first hack that generated and added items successfully to my account.

  46. Tyler says:

    It worked! IT WORKED!!! YAY!!! 😀

  47. Theodor Våge says:

    it worked awesome for me

    • Samuel D. Davis says:

      Yea, it worked for me too! What an awesome website, this is the only hack on the internet that actually worked! I am definitely going to share this with all the people I know!

  48. Peter says:

    This hack really works!!I cant believe!!!!

  49. Dallas says:

    just send me the code

  50. Klara says:

    Valuable content, it was worth doing a survey! Thank you!

  51. Shaktar says:

    You are the best <3

  52. Dio says:

    ive been looking for DBZ dokkan battle hack for a while now and this is the only hack that really worked for me! thank you

  53. BRAD says:

    AWESOME! Thank you!!!!!

  54. noah says:

    It worked! YAY!!!!

  55. Kristian Tucker says:

    Is there a way to get the activation code without the servey

  56. Tilly says:

    Awesome work! I was searching for this for a long time!

  57. Isabella says:

    i just got my key!! thank you!

  58. Nicky says:

    you are the best <3

  59. Jared says:

    Do I have to take a survey?

  60. Jared says:

    I am going to test it now!

  61. MARC HENDERSON says:


  62. Christine says:

    Oh my God! It really works! Thank you so much for this!!

  63. Jeny says:

    How would you be able to download it?

  64. James Chevalier says:

    I usually don’t waste my time on surveys, but this hack really worked for me! Thank you so much, this is the first hack that actually worked!! 😀

  65. Jerry says:


  66. Julianne says:

    Works brilliant!

  67. Daerrie says:

    I just tried it and it worked! Thank you!

  68. Umhar says:

    Thank you sir

  69. Julian says:

    I needed activation code to make this hack to work. Thank you very much! Now I can finally add dragon stones for free. 🙂

  70. Felipe says:

    i need a activation code, if someone will give me i would be so happy

    • admin says:

      The easies way for you is to download your own, unique Activation Key. Then you will be able to add unnlimited items and resources to your game account.

  71. Zackary says:

    You are simply the best! Thank You!

  72. Nichole says:

    Will i get activation key after i complete a survey?

  73. Derry says:

    Can I use this multiple times?

  74. Fule says:

    This is the only working hack on the internet

  75. slenny says:

    My parents won’t allow me to use this hack :/

  76. Enrique says:

    Thanks! Cheers!

  77. Roberto says:


  78. Millie says:

    Your hack helped me A LOT! THANKS!

  79. Hakamorra says:

    Is survey safe? I am worried it will harm my devices. x-x

  80. DarkNova says:

    Hi I got a key but when I try to open it it says there is no app that can do this what app do I need to open the key

  81. Sammy says:

    Do i need to root my device?

  82. Chris says:

    Hi, Thank you!

  83. Frank Franzese says:

    Does my phone or tablet need to be rooted

  84. Jed says:

    Thank you! It worked!

  85. Budaheen says:

    Is this work?

  86. Dell says:

    I had to do a survey to get my key. Thank God it worked, otherwise I would be pissed on you. Thank you!

  87. Jaheer says:

    Does it needed to download?

  88. Huds says:

    Thanks for your marvelous hack!

  89. Jon says:

    This is not scam, it really works!

  90. Nico says:

    Perfect, I’ve been searching for this for the past few hours! This is the only hack that worked for me. I had to complete a survey but it was worth it.

  91. Churcill says:

    I have been searching for DBZ online hack more than 4 hours today, and this is the only one that worked for me! Thank you, you are the best!

  92. MRSYAH says:

    i need help guys. how to get activation code?

    • admin says:

      It’s simple. When you generate items with out hack, you will be prompted to enter your own, unique Activation Key. If you have it, then you can enter it and press “Activate”. If you don’t have Activation Key, then you will be able to download it.

  93. Lara says:

    I’ve done everything right and i got 10000 dragon stones for free! 😀 😀

  94. Frank Franzese says:

    when I use WinRAR to get it it then says it needs to be downloaded. But how? I’m confused maybe I did something wrong. can you help me?

  95. Julio says:

    I just managed to activate it! It works!!!!!!!!!

  96. iamkaramelboi says:

    how do i make my own key

  97. daron says:


  98. Deli says:

    I got the activation code. I needed winrar to open it. Thank you very much

  99. Herman says:

    Hello, I enjoy your hack. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks already.

  100. Nguyen says:

    Great 😋

  101. Penny says:


  102. Moe says:

    Does this work on iphone 6, iOs 9?

  103. paijo says:

    it is really working? seriously?

  104. Connan says:

    I had to complete a survey to get my activation key and i am so happy now because it really worked!

  105. Cehol says:

    Thank you! It works great!

  106. Jad says:

    I got it to work after i completed a survey and got my key. Thank you for sharing. It would be much easier if there aren’t surveys, but now when I see that it really works, I don’t regret completing a survey

  107. xteynerous says:

    This works too for Japanese Version?

  108. gamer007 says:

    it didnt work for me at first because i couldnt complete a survey.. i tried again today and it worked. i got my activation key finally. i hate surveys, but i’m glad that it works in the end. thak you

  109. Tabit says:

    This is my first time using this hack! I hope it will work awesome!

  110. RxxR says:

    It worked for me 🙂

  111. Bio says:

    I got my activation key after i completed a survey

  112. Kyle says:

    Does this work on a bluestacks desktop version of Dokkan too?

  113. Joshua says:

    I like dragon ball z

  114. kai says:

    i dont wanna do a survey >.<

  115. Dario says:

    awesome. i am going to use it

  116. Arya says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  117. Dog says:

    got it to work! YAY ahhaha

  118. jed says:

    this is the first time that survey worked for mr!

  119. justin says:

    I really want tons of dragon stones

  120. Leland says:

    My brother recommended I might like this hack. I am going to try it right now.

  121. bob says:

    how do i find my name

  122. Freddie says:

    How do you skip the surveys?

  123. Max says:

    Do I have to do the survey

  124. Blake Issac says:

    I am afraid to use it :O I hope my parents won’t find out lol

  125. Ray says:

    This is so cool

  126. Kállay says:

    Thanks for instruction and hack

  127. Jairus says:

    Does it reall work

  128. Josie says:

    I need to make it work! I am going to try it right now! My friend recommended me to try it. I will let you know how it worked

  129. Lilly says:

    It is working!!!!!!!! All of the dragon stones are added!!!! I CANT BELIEVE

  130. Matt says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works! How long will it work????

    • admin says:

      It will work for a long time! We update this hack on a daily basis to ensure that it’s working flawless every single time! Have fun!

  131. Freddy says:

    This one really works people. So, once you decide to use it, you will need to download your activation key by completing a survey. I have to admit that I thought that its a scam because that survey shit never worked for me in the past, but I was really surprised to see that it works! The best thing about it is that you can use the same activation key all over again! It was really worth completing a survey. This is going to save me a lot of money! :DD THANK YOU!

  132. Damien says:

    Hey i do the hack. Is there limit for generating dragon stones? Can someone help me?

  133. Dokkan battle says:


  134. Biggy says:

    Will i get activation key after i complete a survey?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you will.

      • Biggy says:

        I just tried it and fucking survey never works. Is this scam or what? I don’t think it works :////

        • admin says:

          No, it’s not scam. We would suggest you to try to disable your adblocker. Let us know if you need further guidance.

          • Biggy says:

            I don’t even have adblocker installed. What else can I do???????? Please help me. Those surveys never work

          • admin says:

            Have you shared our site on Facebook and Google+? Make sure you do it. Also, try to enable pop ups in your browser. If you are using our hack on PC, we suggest you to use Google Chrome.

          • Biggy says:

            I already shared it before. I just enabled pop ups and after 1 hour of trying I was finally able to complete those stupid offers and I got my activation key. I inputed it, but I still can’t see generated dragon stones in my account????? How long do I have to wait????

            EDIT: I GOT IT TO WORK!!!!!!!!!! Items were transfered after 2 minutes! THANK YOU ADMIN FOR ALL THE HELP!!! 😀

    • Michael says:

      Hey Biggy can you help me to complete the hack? message me on aqw93@gmx.de

  135. Charlie says:

    After i complete a survey, how long do i have to wait for my download to start?

  136. Nagata says:

    Thank you, it worked

  137. Dekker22514 says:

    I completed offers and finally got my key. Thank you for making it work

  138. jim says:

    I couldnt get it to work and it seemed like this is scam just like other site. No matter what i do, i couldnt complete a survey. But, i tried again today, and when i completed surveys, the download has started and I got my key! I got it to work finally! THANK YOU!

    P.S. It would be better if you remove survey.

  139. Mdodaro says:

    Yeah ugh so does this work?

  140. Mdodaro says:

    Do I use my gamcenter username or my dokken battle username?

  141. Tone says:

    Where can I get the active code

    • admin says:

      It’s simple. When you generate items with our hack, you will be prompted to enter your own, unique Activation Key. If you have it, then you can enter it and press “Activate”. If you don’t have Activation Key, then you will be able to download it.

  142. Onodera says:

    I did everything right and got my activation key finally!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I cant believe that this actually adds items for free. Its truly amazing!

  143. mega says:

    It worked! This one is not fake like the rest of the sites

  144. Dave says:

    Comment still awaiting moderation??
    Why I’m I not surprised…fake site set up with fake comments??

    Prove me wrong or no download

    • admin says:

      We have to set up comments approval because there are hundreds of spammers who post all kinds of unrelated links in comments. Although we have auto-spam detector which deletes all of the comments that were triggered as spam, there are always people who find a way around it and that’s why we decided to set up comment approval. We hope you understand.

  145. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  146. Cartss says:

    Can you complete the survey on your phone??

  147. Mizore says:

    i really need this hack. can someone help me with this. there is no avaible survey for my country.

  148. Jeof says:

    I am going to test this hack right now! I already shared it of fb and g+. so lets see if it really works!

  149. MMWorm says:

    It worked in the end. I HATE SURVEYS!! You should remove them. It would be much easier if there were no surveys

  150. Teppy4a5s says:

    I’ve completed the survey successfully but my internet connection is slow. Will if affect items transfer? Will i lose anything?

    • admin says:

      No, you won’t lose anything. You might have to wait a little bit longer if your internet connection is slow, but all of the generated resources will be added within 1-2 minutes.

      • Claude says:

        Correct. I have slow internet connection and I had to wait 2 minutes and after that all of the items were added. But, my friend, who has fast internet connection, had to wait only 5 seconds and that was it

  151. fey says:

    Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!

  152. kay0000123 says:

    this energy cheats is free?

  153. kay0000123 says:

    how to get the activation code?

  154. A says:

    All the step need to finish on my phone or computer?

  155. noam says:

    what is username is id or name or gmail
    in android

  156. Evan Akcelik says:

    Will this work for android devices? And how does it work?

    • admin says:

      Yes, of course it works on Android devices. It’s online hack, and all you have to do is open it in your browser and you will be able to add unlimited Dragon Stones and Zeni directly to your game account.

  157. noah says:

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  158. noam says:

    how much time ineed to wait

    • admin says:

      When you activate our hack, you usually need to wait around 2 minutes for items to be transfered to your account.

  159. Mr_M says:

    This is the only one I’ve seen actually work, but could you please try to get better surveys

  160. Dunn says:

    I can confirm that it still works.

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