Tactile Wars Hack [Unlimited Gold and Prisms]


With Tactile Wars Hack Tool you can reach the top of the world! Not only you can download Tactile Wars Hack Tool for free without surveys, but also it will enable you to become one of the best players in the world! It has a lot of features which you can use! Now I’m going to tell you something more about it! Next cool thing is that Tactile Wars Hack Tool has amazing interface. You will see that it’s extremly easy to use! It’s safe for using and it won’t put your account at risk! Next thing that you are going to see is screenshot of Tactile Wars Hack Tool. It looks great, and I’m sure you will love its design too! Don’t miss this chance and download Tactile Wars Hack Tool NOW!


Game info:

Ankama has soft-launched cutesy gesture-based strategy game Tactile Wars in the New Zealand App Store and select regions on Google Play. It brings all of the colour of Splatoon to touchscreens. That’s on account of these wars being fought with paint rather than bullets. OK, yeah, it’s not quite squid ink, but there are paint guns and paint rollers in action here, similar to the different load-outs in Splatoon. Plus, the idea is to eliminate the colour of your enemies. You have to hold on to territory against enemy turrets, tanks, and troops, overpowering them with your own colour of paint. Of course, this being a game in a completely different genre, the similarities pretty much end there. As in Tactile Wars you need to focus on drawing shapes on the screen with your finger to change the formation of your squad according to how the enemy attacks you.

Tactile Wars Hack Tool info:



  • Unlimited Gold (Easily add Gold to your game account)
  • Unlimited Prisms (You have opportunity to generate unlimited Prisms for your game)
  • No Rooting Required
  • No Jailbreak Required
  • Proxy Scraper (New proxies will keep our hack undetected)
  • Updated on a daily basis to ensure its functionality



Detailed instructions on how to use Tactile Wars Cheats:

  1. Click “Online Hack” button. After a few seconds, you will see that Tactile Wars Hack has opened in your browser.
  2. Close the game on your device before you start using hack
  3. Enter your username and then click Conect button
  4. Enter amount of Gold and Prisms that you would like to add to your account
  5. In this step, the only thing that you will have to do is to click “Generate” button
  6. If you still don’t have your own unique activation key, then you must download it now. Activation key will keep our hack undetected so no one will know that you were cheating in the game. If you already have activation key, then feel free to input it and proceed to the next step.
  7. After you input activation code, desired items will be generated and added to your game account!
  8. You can generate as many Gold and Prisms as you wish! Enjoy!


P.S. There is one thing that you should to before clicking download button. You must share this site on Google+ and Facebook. Otherwise your tool might not work.

23 thoughts on “Tactile Wars Hack [Unlimited Gold and Prisms]

  1. altohamy says:


  2. Annie says:

    work fine

  3. max says:

    Is there a risk that my account will be banned because of this hack?

    • admin says:

      No, there is no risk. Our hack has ultra strong Anti-ban Shield implemented which will keep your game account safe all the time. There is no reason why you should be worried about.

  4. Benny says:

    its legit and works fine. thank you

  5. Jasmin says:

    Works like a charm! 😀 😀

  6. ying says:

    thank you this is amazing

  7. Carl says:

    WOW it works! I cant believe

  8. Raneesh says:

    Tnx. This great

  9. Gertha says:

    Thank you! Works awesome!

  10. Laura says:

    Where can I get an activation key?

    • admin says:

      It’s simple. When you generate items with out hack, you will be prompted to enter your own, unique Activation Key. If you have it, then you can enter it and press “Activate”. If you don’t have Activation Key, then you will be able to download it.

  11. Chris says:

    Is there a way to get an activation key without doing a survey because I never got the code in the end.

  12. Andrew A. Sailer says:


  13. Marsha says:


  14. Jayden says:

    I got a code after i complete survey and it worked awesome! Thanks

  15. lio says:

    I will try this later! My friend suggested this to mee so I hope it will work!

  16. huey says:

    Thank you! I just managed to make it work and I am really thankfull. This is the only working hack that i’ve used so far.

  17. Mandi says:

    Got it to work! I have the game installed on my ipad, and i used this hack on chrome on windows 7. It worked great! Thank you

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